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Keep Your Brand From Being Hi-Jacked

Use our all-in-one brand protection service and secure your brand name across all TOP social media platforms.

Your brand is everything. It is your main asset and your reputation on the line. Brand trolls know this, and target 1,000s of new brand companies every week – mass signing up under their brand usernames across all major platforms, and essentially blackmailing such companies to get the credentials. The social networks don’t care and won’t do anything – and the damage can be pretty severe.

So why not protect yourself and your brand from this with a few easy clicks?

Here’s what our brand protection service will do for you:

Increase the visibility of your overall brand.

After we’ve registered your company brand across all the major platforms of today – your company name will be everywhere. We blanket everything – from major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to video and blogging portals such as Youtube and Blogger. If the platform has any status or ranking power – we’ve got it covered, and will ensure the prevention of anyone else registering your brand name on them.

Protect your brand/business/self from unsavoury/shady people.

As we’ve mentioned – some people make a business out of finding the newest registered companies in their localities – and registering their brand across all the platforms they can to “ransom” back to the company. Eliminating the possiblity will give you peace of mind a thousand times over.

Increase your rankings, too.

While great for increasing your brand visibility and for protection – the major social media platforms we register your brand on ALSO happen to have a ton of link juice. These are authority websites – and commonly outrank most real websites (you’ve probably seen Youtube videos ranking BEFORE text results by now pretty often) for keywords. Therefore, you’re getting an extra SEO boost – on top of protecting yourself and your brand name.

If you’re ready to get started – the process is actually super quick.


You give us your brand name. Along with any relevant details and the package you’re selecting.


Enjoy yourself while we take care of the hard part. We’ll instantly go to work securing your brand name across all the major platforms. The entire process is 100% manual – from the email account we make for you (for the confirmations so they don’t flood your inbox) – to every individual profile.


We send you a report back in about 7 days. This report will contain the URLs and login credentials of the email account used to register – and all the platforms we were able to secure your brand name on. You will also receive a report of any major platforms your brand name was ALREADY registered on, prior to using our service, for any future reasons you may need it.
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